gwcelery.tasks.bayestar module

Rapid sky localization with BAYESTAR.

(task)gwcelery.tasks.bayestar.localize(coinc_psd, graceid, filename='bayestar.fits.gz', disabled_detectors=None)[source]

Generate a rapid sky localization using BAYESTAR.

  • coinc_psd (tuple) – Tuple consisting of the byte contents of the input event’s coinc.xml and psd.xml.gz files.

  • graceid (str) – The GraceDB ID, used for FITS metadata and recording log messages to GraceDB.

  • filename (str, optional) – The name of the FITS file.

  • disabled_detectors (list, optional) – List of detectors to disable.


The byte contents of the finished FITS file.

Return type



This task is adapted from the command-line tool bayestar-localize-lvalert.

It should execute in a special queue for computationally intensive, multithreaded, OpenMP tasks.